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Birds have become a permanent element of cities. Burdensome pigeons (Columbia Livia) are the most numerous group among them. City birds are a problem for almost all cities in the world, and many urban areas allocate large budgets for the regulation of the number of birds and bird determent from locations where they are not desired.

The most important advantages of the system are:
The presence of city birds, most of all – pigeons, may be burdensome. These birds are a recognized epidemiologic factor responsible for the development of zoonotic diseases among people (e.g. illnesses induced by micro-organisms, such as Campylobacter spp., Salmonella spp. and others responsible for digestive system diseases; ornithosis and avian tuberculosis, which can be dangerous to people). Pigeon excrement downgrades building aesthetics and devastates facades and gutter systems, and the need for regular cleaning of pigeon excrement generates unnecessary costs. Therefore, protection against pigeons is a very cost effective solution.

BirdSystem is a modern system of spiked modules, protecting structures and buildings against birds and negative effects of their presence.


BirdSystem forms a mechanical barrier for birds, limiting access and protecting places where birds feed, rest and nest. Our BirdSystem models were created based on years of experience. The layout of spikes has been optimized for effective protection of a variety of places depending on intensity of bird population. BirdSystem is also the most economical method of protection. The system’s efficiency has been confirmed by a wide range of clients, from housing co-operatives to churches and DDD companies, among many others.


Production of BirdSystem spikes is covered by DIN EN ISO 9001:2001 quality management system. The base of each module is made of colourless polycarbonate, which is resistant to weather elements (high and low temperatures, sun rays). Spikes are made of resistant stainless steel of O1.3 mm diameter. The product is offered with a 3-year guarantee.


A vast selection of BirdSystem modules provides the proper solution for almost any case, ensuring efficient protection. The modular form of the system enables its use in any place, regardless of the shape of the surface.


Thanks to use of the colourless material and thin and resistant spikes, BirdSystem forms a practically invisible protection system for buildings and structures. The system’s neutrality is particularly important in cases of historic buildings and places of worship.


The offered solutions are harmless to birds. They do not wound or kill birds, but only deter them. The purpose of our solutions is not to eliminate the birds, but rather to rationalize co-existence of people and city birds.


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